Welcome to Casey’s Coffee!

Located just outside the town of Everson, Washington, Casey’s Coffee Company is located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Casey’s Coffee prides itself on roasting strictly organic coffee beans, which are sourced from around the globe.

Casey is known for roasting delicious dark roasts, using hand-selected green coffee that can stand up to the rigors of dark roasting. However, Casey also has excellent lighter roasts, providing a special coffee blend for every palate. All of the roasting is done using a small batch Turkish drum roaster, which results in tasty blends that have an “old world” flavor.

Every batch of coffee roasted at Casey’s Coffee is done with great care. The coffee beans are carefully selected, blended, and small batch roasted to bring out the natural flavors of the region in which it was grown. Roasting coffee to perfection is a true art form, and Casey only settles for excellence when it comes to creating delicious coffee blends.


If you would like to taste for yourself why customers are raving about Casey’s Coffee, feel free to visit our shopping page and order some of our blends. If you are interested in a wholesale contract, please visit our wholesale page for more information.