About Casey’s Coffee

Searching for a better cup of coffee, Casey designed and built his first sample roaster in 1991. He ordered coffee beans from around the world and started roasting blends for himself. Family and friends decided they too wanted some of the wonderful elixir that was always brewing at Casey’s house.

So it started, roasting for family and friends, and the passion for the perfect cup of coffee was born. The sample roaster worked out well, with a propane-fired burner and a hand crank to turn the small drum. It would roast up to one pound very consistently.


After five years of sample roasting the finest coffee from around the world, Casey decided it was time to purchase a small commercial roaster. Still striving to roast with “old world” charm, Casey ordered a Turkish drum roaster along with a matching Turkish style coffee grinder.

Casey’s Coffee is located in serious coffee country, 90 miles north of Seattle in a county ranking among the highest for coffee shops per capita. Roasting is done just outside the small town of Everson, Washington, with Canadian peaks to the north providing a splendid backdrop.

Casey is best known for roasting a very dark cup of coffee, the correct blend coupled with the exact roast profile, delivering a coffee un-paralleled and unmatched with that “old world” flavor. Casey also has excellent lighter roasts, providing a special coffee for every palate.

Taste for yourself why our customers consistently say “this is the best coffee I’ve ever had.”


Roasting in the style of the Pacific Northwest