Wholesale Coffee

Casey’s Coffee uses strictly organic coffee, and when available, Organic Fair Trade coffee. For local orders, we deliver your coffee fresh, the day after it was roasted. For mail order, we ship next day fresh. To provide you with the finest coffee possible, we source organic coffee beans from around the globe, and blend and roast them for optimal flavor and consistency.

Casey’s Coffee is first and foremost a coffee roasting company. We don’t own a chain of drive through coffee shops or restaurants, but we do supply coffee to them. At Casey’s Coffee, we pride ourselves on roasting coffee. It is what we do and what we do best. We are behind the scenes blending and roasting to deliver you the best coffee at a reasonable price.

We roast coffee as an art form. We will not compromise on our green coffee selection and the art of hand crafted, small batch roasted coffee. As an artisan coffee roasting company, we will always strive for perfection and only settle for excellence.


General Information

  • Our coffee is Organic, small batch roasted (Micro-Roaster)
  • Located in the Northwest corner of Washington State
  • Roasting commercially since 1998
  • Dark roasted to perfection, using hand selected green coffee to stand up to the rigors of dark roasting to bring out the deep dark nuisances without being burnt
  • It is a true art form to select and blend green coffee and then roast it to bring out the natural flavors of the region in which it is grown

Roast Types

  • Light/Medium: roasts bring a bright and crisp flavorful cup of coffee
  • Medium/Dark: roasts make rich body and flavor, slight smoky with enhanced character
  • Dark: smoky smooth bodied, Northwest style